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NoOps: Developer operations manifesto

31 Mar 2016 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

Consider the following well-crafted text about the malfunctioning of the collaboration between development and operations, posted anonymously to a developer forum I visit regularly:

NoOps: Developer operations manifesto

This is not pretty, but it must be said. We are tired. The madness must stop.

We are not flawless, but that is neither your problem, nor your duty to solve.

The cloud is here now. You have no place in the software process any more.

A commercial IaaS provider will allow us to take the responsibility we deserve.

-- Anonymous

It clearly shows the anger and the tension that can exist in a DevOps environment. I know from experience this tension is not one-sided. A call for better DevOps? What measures can be taken to prevent or take away these frustrations? Or is abandoning in-house managed infrastructure really a viable solution?

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