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Creating 103mail.com - The plan

11 Apr 2024 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

I am building a free email service that respects privacy and prevents profiling on 103mail.com. The simple premise is that even if you don't use Gmail then Google still has half of the world's email messages and since email messages tend to contain all previous content, they can still profile all people in the world (even people that try to avoid Google). When using 103mail.com the email (content) will never leave the server. The outgoing email will be replaced with a notification with a link to the web mail viewer. Thus the outgoing mail content can only be viewed over the web and people or servers reading the mail will be logged. Nevertheless 103mail.com will be a standard compliant IMAP/SMTP server that can be used with any mail client on desktop or mobile.

The plan

The plan is to do the following steps:

Optionally we implement the following:

What's next?

In the upcoming weeks or months this blog will contain several updates on the progress of the 103mail.com mail service. Maybe it will succeed, maybe it will fail. You'll read it here :-)


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