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Celebrating 7 years TQdev.com

06 Mar 2023 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

Today I am celebrating the 7 years that the TQdev.com blog exists. In this period I have written 198 blog posts on various software development related topics. Best visited post was the "The "Boring Software" manifesto" with more than 43 thousand visitors. Below you find the visitors of the blog per month and the top 3 of best visited posts.

Visitors graph

The graph below shows the unique visitors per month. I count the number of unique IP address seen per day and add all days of the month.

visitors of TQdev.com

As you can see the number of unique visitors per month has grown to about 10000 over time.

Top 3 most visited posts

These are the posts with the most visitors overall (in the past 7 years):

  1. 43800 visitors - The "Boring Software" manifesto (2018)
  2. 35776 visitors - Cannot copy Windows 10 "install.wim"? (2019)
  3. 28769 visitors - Programming C# on Ubuntu Linux (2016)

You can see the 10 most popular posts of the past 30 days in the footer.

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