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A Hugo static website is fast

31 Jan 2023 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

A Hugo website can be extremely fast. As it loads no dynamic data most content can be served within milliseconds. Since Hugo can resize images on build you can ensure the image sizes are optimal. The static assets that make up a Hugo website can easily be distributed world-wide through a CDN allowing for low access time all around the world and scaling up to millions of concurrent visitors.

Popular static site generators (SSGs):

Why use a static site generator (SSG)?

What we often don't read:

When NOT to use a SGG:

Why choose Hugo?


If your site is suitable to be a Hugo site you should definitely consider to use Hugo. It is popular and for a good reason: it has technical excellence. Your websites will be more secure and load faster. CDN deployments will make your site scale and make it fast anywhere in the world. If you need a good CMS to go with Hugo choose CloudCannon or (our own) UseCue CMS.

Happy coding!

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