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uBlock Origin on Android

17 Jul 2020 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

On Xubuntu I protect my privacy by using an ad-blocker (uBlock Origin) in my browser (Firefox). On my phone (Android) I also use Firefox, but I was not able to install uBlock Origin in Firefox on Android, until now! I tried it again today and on my Android 10 (Android One) Xiaomi A3 with Firefox 68.9.0 and it just works. For me this is huge, as this makes surfing the web on my phone a viable option. Until now is was minimizing browser usage on my phone, due to privacy concerns.

Installing uBlock Origin in Firefox on Android

These are the steps to follow for installation:

In short, this is exactly how you would expect installation to go (and now it works).

Note that you can also install all filters and configure all settings like in the desktop version.

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