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TreeQL vs. GraphQL

04 Oct 2018 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

Many people compare GraphQL to REST and come to the conclusion that both have their strengths. In this post I argue that you can have the best of both worlds by using TreeQL, an improved REST protocol.

Downsides of GraphQL

According to Stubailo and Doerrfeld the downsides of GraphQL (compared to REST) are:

That last point is fortunately changing fast, as GraphQL adoption is rising.

Benefits of GraphQL

According to Yegulalp and Eschweiler the benefits of GraphQL (compared to REST) are:

Sturgeon also warns us that GraphQL has false advertised benefits, such as that you "never have to version anything."

TreeQL, an improved REST protocol

TreeQL is an improved REST protocol. You could also say that it is a pragmatic GraphQL. It allows to request related entities, limit results to specific records and columns and has built-in documentation. With these it has the same benefits over REST that GraphQL has. Some of the benefits TreeQL has over GraphQL are:

Another benefit of TreeQL is that it will feel familiar for most people. TreeQL is basically a standardized REST API with some features added to it.

Read more: https://treeql.org/


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