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01 Mar 2016 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

My name is Maurits van der Schee and I love thinking about software architecture and building high traffic web applications. In the past I have been building Oefenweb and LeaseWeb CDN. Previously I have been blogging on LeaseWeb labs, but from now on you can find me here on TQdev.com. So please update your bookmarks accordingly.

"TQdev", what does that mean?

It means "Thank you, developer!" and it is something I think almost every day when I work with free software.

Is your blog software running in debug mode?

Yes, this blog software is my own creation and yes it is indeed running in debug mode. This gives you an opportunity to look "under the hood". You may also note that this site is quite speedy, thanks to the software design and the awesome hosting powers of nlware.com.

No more WordPress?

I was very happy with all the functionality of WordPress, especially the Count-Per-Day plugin. The only reason I decided to write my own blog platform is curiosity: I want to know what it takes. I love the idea of gradually (while writing posts) making this blogging software feature complete. I'm not sure this software will ever be very usable. It is an experiment that I expect to learn from, like all open-source software I publish on my Github account.

Where is the RSS feed? Can I leave comments?

Well, like many other features, these are not built yet. Stay tuned, because I will be adding them soon!

Edit 2016-03-08: RSS feed is now available on tqdev.com/feed.

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