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Command line Wikipedia client updated

31 May 2016 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

The "wped" command line Wikipedia client has received an update. It now supports language selection and it has an alternative "wikt" command for Wiktionary. Formerly the tool was hard-coded to connect to "en.wikipedia.org", but now both the language and domain can be chosen. This change was initiate by a community pull request and I love the way this works on Github.

The "wped" Wikipedia command

Below you see a sample usage of the "wped" command:

maurits@nuc:~$ wped wikipedia
                                 Search results


   Wikipedia (/ˌwɪkᵻˈpiːdiə/ or /ˌwɪkiˈpiːdiə/ WIK-i-PEE-dee-ə) is an
   Internet encyclopedia, supported and hosted by the non-profit Wikimedia

Wikimedia Foundation

   Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (WMF) is an American non-profit and charitable
   organization headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Wikimedia Commons

   Wikimedia Commons (or simply Commons) is an online repository of free-use
   images, sound, and other media files.

You can read a full article using the "-f" flag.

The "wikt" Wiktionary command

Below you see a sample usage of the "wikt" command:

maurits@nuc:~$ wikt -f command-line
                                  command line



   command line ‎(plural command lines)

    1. A shell, a command line interface; usually used with the definite

                    I'm so used to the command line that I don't even know
                    how to find things in the GUI.
                    The command line offers a lot of helpful features, such
                    as tab completion and wildcard expansion.

    2. (computing) The text prompt presented to the user in a command line

                    Type the following at the command line: du -s -h.

    3. A line of text that is entered at such a prompt.

                    Use the following command line to compile a file without
                    linking: gcc -c main.c -o main.o


   text prompt

     * Chinese:                               * Japanese: コマンドライン
               Mandarin: 命令行               * Persian: خط فرمان ‎(xatt-e
               ‎(mìnglìngháng)                  farmân)
                                              * Portuguese: linha de
     * Czech: příkazový řádek m, příkazová      comando f
       řádka f                                * Romanian: text de comandă,
     * Dutch: opdrachtregel c,                  linie de comandă (linie
       commandoregel (nl) c                     textuală de comandă)
     * French: ligne de commande (fr) f       * Russian: кома́ндная
     * German: Kommandozeile f,                 строка́ (ru) f ‎(komándnaja
       Befehlszeile f                           stroká)

              source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/command_line

You can search for words by leaving out the "-f" flag.


You find this free software on Github.

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