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Blackhat 2016: videos online

13 Aug 2016 - by 'Maurits van der Schee'

Computerworld released 13 videos (interviews) of the Black Hat USA 2016 conference. The first one (featuring Dan Kaminsky) was so good that I posted the entire list of videos below:

  1. Developers need secure coding environments
  2. How to pick a lock
  3. Risk management: Picking the right tool for the job
  4. Black Hat 2016 wrap-up: Same stuff, different year?
  5. Why some risk assessments fail
  6. Social engineering tricks and why CEO fraud emails work
  7. How to wade through the flood of security buzzwords and hype
  8. The changing economics of cybercrime
  9. Threat actors: Who you should really worry about
  10. The advanced security techniques of criminal hackers
  11. How much do developers really care about security?
  12. Could this hacker's tool slow down phishing?
  13. Why compliance is a necessary evil

Blackhat USA 2016 conference in Las Vegas

Black Hat is a yearly conference "built by and for the global InfoSec community" as they say on their website. The conference was held in Las Vegas on August 3 and 4. It was the 19th Blackhat USA conference.

I went to a Blackhat conference once and after seeing these videos I feel like wanting to go there again, because of it's interesting topics and interesting people. Well done Computerworld!

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